Good Things Come in Three

    women paused along river with adult trike in foreground
    Three's Company: trikes enable personal mobility for adults not comfortable on bicycles (Photo by the author)

    A 3-wheeled design offers many advantages over a standard 2 wheel bicycle, most obviously, greatly improved stability due to the third wheel.

    Trikes provide human powered mobility to adults who never learned to ride a bike as a child or as they get older are nervous riding a bicycle. Trikes are also very suited to physically-challenged persons with co-ordination issues or problems keeping their balance.

    Adult Trikes

    a woman on her adult trike
    Golden Years: Janet on a Torker Tristar (Photo: Zanshin Art on flickr)

    Adults, especially the elderly and those who may have not learned to ride a bicycle as a child, will greatly benefit from the use of a trike over a bicycle.

    Perhaps the most common of all trikes, shopping trikes are perfect for adults and seniors in maintaining an independent, healthy lifestyle who do not wish to be dependent on care-givers to run errands and carry grocercies.


    Folding Trikes

    Worksman Port-O-Trike
    Fold Up: a Worksman Port-O-Trike has a folding frame to use less storage space (Photo: kittyz202 on flickr)

    Folding trikes also exist. See the Folding Bikes page of this website for details.


    Industrial Trikes

    industrial trike
    (Photo: Tony Crider on flickr)

    For human-powered and electrically assisted tricycles that can carry cargo, see the cargo cycles page including the section on triporteurs.


    Comfort Trikes

    a senior citizen on his comfort trike
    Comforting Grip: comfort trikes are ideal for senior citizens and active elderly (Photo: woodleywonderworks on flickr)

    Following the emergence of comfort city bicycles, the emergence of comfort trikes was just a question of time.

    High-end comfort trikes are also available in two passenger configurations. See the comfort trike section on the tandems page.


    Recumbent Trikes

    a FlevoTrike recumbent trike modified to carry a child
    No Hands: the modular foot-steered FlevoTrike can carry children or cargo at rear (Photo:

    Please see the Recumbents page of this website for recumbent trikes.



    T-bike style adult trike
    To a 'T': T-bikes are an alternative to conventional adult trikes (Photo: user sanitaets_discount)

    This section is under development.


    Carrier Trikes

    Winther Kangaroo carrier trike
    Hands Full: the Winther Kangaroo can carry up to two young children up front (Photo: cesarastudillo on flickr)

    For human-powered and electrically-assisted tricycles that can carry passengers, see the child carriers page.


    Custom / Special-Purpose Trikes

    (Photo: karlos of syston on flick)

    This section is under development.



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