Touring Trailers & Bike Campers

    Cycle Touring

    a mountain bike towing a two-wheeled loaded touring trailer
    EcoRoamer: a touring trailer takes the load off the bike for bicycle camping (Photo: dionhinchcliffe on flickr)

    Often one-wheeled in design, touring trailers put the emphasis on lightweight, all-weather (waterproof) materials.

    If a touring trailer is attached to the back of the bike, there is probably also a GPS unit attached to the handlebars up front.

    Single-wheel Trailers

    These type of trailers are almost exclusively used for touring, providing greater comfort and stability on rough, unpaved roads and track.

    loaded Koga Miyata Chela single wheel trailer
    Loaded Koga Miyata Chela single wheel trailer (Photo: the manufacturer)


    2-wheel Trailers

    Two-wheeled trailers resemble cargo trailers but are tuned to heavy-duty touring including additional carrying racks, weatherproofing and shock absorbers on some models.

    Burley Nomad touring trailer with rack
    Burley Nomad touring trailer with rack (Photo: the manufacturer)


    Pop-Up Tent Trailers

    Midget Solo Bushtrekka
    Off the Ground: the Australian-designed Midget Solo Bushtrekka pop-up tent trailer (Photos: the manufacturer)

    The Midget Solo Bushtrekka is a bicycle camper including a pop-up tent and storage space made to order in Australia. The elevated construction keeps you off any cold, damp ground. The Bushtrekka was launched in mid-2008 in North America as is available online through various sources although the manufacturer's website is down as of summer 2012.


    Trans Canada Trailer Company's R-Escape bike camper trailer towed by a tandem bicycle
    Dragon's Den: the Trans Canada Trailer Company R-Escape bike camper trailer (Photos: Sanja Frkovic /

    This section is under development.


    Teardrop Bike Trailers

    PVC Bike Guy's DIY aluminum and wood teardrop bike trailer
    Tiny Travel: PVC Bike Guy's DIY aluminum and wood teardrop bike trailer (Photo:

    This section is under development.


    Bike Camper Trailers

    Perhaps it is an artist's desire to escape and retreat easily and quietly that several bike campers have been designed and built by artists.

    Sakari Holma's Karavaari bike camper
    Ground Effect: the Finnish designer Sakari Holma's Karavaari bike camper trailer (Photos: saholm on flickr)

    A Finnish designer, Sakari Holma, built an minimalist looking bike camper that sacrifices space for less wind resistance.


    Gunter Lorenz' DIY chuckwagon-style bicycle trailer for sleeping parked at a lake edge
    Wild West: Gunter Lorenz' DIY chuckwagon-style trailer for bicycle camping (Photo:

    An avid touring cyclist, Guenther Lorenz of Germany, developed a chuckwagon pulled by a bicycle that comfortably sleeps one person. Soonafter, this inspired Andre Mantz, also in Germany, to build his own fold-down chuckwagon with changes to reduce overal weight. Both parties used their chuckwagons extensively during extended bicycle tours through neighbouring regions and around the country.


    Kevin Cyr's 2008 bike camper trailer
    Art meets Life: Kevin Cyr's 2008 bike camper trailer (Photos: Kevin Cyr)

    Canadian-born artist Kevin Cyr created a bike camper on a Chinese triporteur as well as the bike camper trailer pictured.


    Dethleffs Biker
    Market Study: the 80kg Dethleffs Biker camper prototype includes a kitchen area (Photo:

    After photos of a few home-built DIY bicycle campers were well received by online communities for bicycle touring, the lightweight team at a German commercial manufacturer developed a bike camper trailer prototype perhaps to study the market potential for such trailers.



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