Four on the Floor

    Zero Emission Machine ZEM 2cycle, Munich, Germany
    Munich Machine: a 2-seater ZEM (Zero Emission Machine) in Munich, Germany (Photo by the author)

    A four-wheeled human-powered vehicle is called a quadricycle, quadracycle or surrey in the UK (after a British company that manufacturers this type of vehicle). The term was also applied to early four-wheeled motor cars but these obviously are not dealt with here.

    Some quadricycles designs like the Rhoades Car are clearly targeted at tourist applications specifically sightseeing (especially in warm and tropical climate regions) while others like the ZEM try to replace the compact car for urban applications. A family of four can journey together on these family tandems. The two-Seater EZ-1 SideBySide is actually comprised of two Sun EZ-1 recumbent bicycles with a connector kit created one chassis with coordinated steering.

    Thinking about car pooling to work? Why not commute with colleagues in a fun, eye-catching quadricycle? Note that most quadricycles exceed 1 meter in width and are therefore not suited for use on bicycle sidepaths.



    A Quattrocycle with six seats installed
    The Dutch-made Quattrocycle can seat up to four adults and 2 kids (Photo: velovision.com)

    The Quattrocycle is well-suited to families and bike rental companies, with 2-, 4- and 6-seater models. The Quattrocycle features 4 independent internal hubs, allowing each rider to cycle at their own pace.



    ZEM 4cycle fun bike family tandem
    The discontinued Swiss-made ZEM 4-Cycle occasionally pops up for sale used (Photo: the manufacturer)

    The ZEM was designed and manufactured in Switzerland with 300 examples made. Its unique red mini-fairing running the length of the body has spawned imitations from Asian quadricycle manufacturers.



    The 2-seater Rishock quadricycle
    The Italian-designed Rishock 2-seater quadricycle (Photo: the manufacturer)

    The Rischok 2-seater quadricycle comes in several models including with a fold-down fabric roof.

    The 4W2PCP 2-seater quadricycle from Rhoades Car
    The US-made Rhoades Car 4W2PCP (Photo: the manufacturer)

    Rhoades Car, based in Tennesee, USA manufactures a line of 1-, 2- and 4-Seater quadricycles the 4W2PLF model is well suited as a cargo cycle for commercial / industrial applications.

    2-seater DIY PVC Bike Car
    DIY PVC Bike Car: The 2-seater American Speeder can be made from plans (Photo: americanspeedster.com)

    Using PVC piping and connectors available at your local hardware store, salvaged 20" wheels and home tools, you can build your own quadricycle at fairly low cost and effort. Plans are also available online.



    Hartje Model 07 low-step shopping quad
    Hartje Model 07 low-step shopping quad (Photo: Hartje)

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